How CBD Affects Parkinson’s –

How CBD Affects Parkinson’s –

How CBD Affects Parkinson’s – s

Parkinson Patient: It’s gonna be a rough week.

Larry Gifford: Really, the best way to take is put it under your tongue and rub it in your cheek. Communicate just relax. See what happens.

Parkinson Patient (Guide): So quickly

Larry Gifford: Yeah

Parkinson Patient: amazing

Girl (Anchor): He used just a single drop and he’s hands afterwards were rock steady and the dyskinesia left.

Parkinson Patient: Did you guys eat lunch?

Larry Gifford: Are you hungry now?

Parkinson Patient: Funny I am.

Patient B: You see stress brings (Hand Tremor) this back immediately. I just feel bad. I just want this disease to leave me alone.

Girl (Interviewer): How are you it’s been probably about 5 minutes since you took the last drop? How are you? How do you feel now?

Patient B: I’m a bit more relaxed

Girl (Interviewer): Okay

Patient B: I mean, Parkinson’s definitely hard to get to a level where you’re comfortable.

Girl (Interviewer): Yeah absolutely

Patient B: My body always tenses up, and atrophies, giving discomfort. But I feel much less right now than I did 5 to 10 minutes ago.

People are Veering to CBD Oil as Additional Aid s

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