How the CBD Oil Business is Rapidly Growing –

How the CBD Oil Business is Rapidly Growing –

How the CBD Oil Business Rapidly Growing – s

Kate Snow (Anchor): CBD Oil is the newest health craze but what you really know about the product and what it makes it different from its cousin marijuana.

Dr. John Torres (Reporting): In a Kentucky country side hiding behind the crop of corn lays a tidy row of a mysterious plant thought to have medicinal powers.

Laura Freeman: This is Hemp.

Dr. John Torres (Reporting): Hemp is a type of Cannabis Plant that contains a chemical called CBD. It doesn’t make you high like marijuana but it is creating a national buzz. CBD, CBD, CBD sprouting up everywhere and in everything. CBD infused lattes, beauty products, baked goods even dog treats. And as the CBD frenzy grows, so does the confusion.

Does CBD work?

Dr. Joseph Cohen: Yes, it works for anxiety, it works for pain. It works for any inflammatory condition.

Dr. John Torres (Reporting): Laura Freeman, 12 years ago she was thrown off a horse and suffered bone-crippling pain until she tried a surprising treatment.

Laura Freeman: This CBD worked and was absolutely miracle. Seriously!

Dr. John Torres: Now Laura has turned her farm into a hemp empire, making and selling everything from CBD lotions to chocolates. In Colorado, Doctor Joe Cohen has stopped delivering babies. Instead, prescribing CBD to patients with an array of illnesses.

Dr. Joseph Cohen: You need to take this twice a day every day.

Dr. John Torres (Reporting): Earlier this year, the FDA approved the first and only CBD medication, a treatment for two rare forms of epilepsy. There’s no proof that CBD works for anything other than seizures, yet you’re prescribing everything from pain control to Alzheimer’s.

Dr. Joseph Cohen: There’s no proof from a traditional medical perspective. There’s plenty of proof from seeing patients and seeing the results.

Dr. John Torres (Reporting): CBD supplements are not tested, approved, or regulated by the FDA, but CBD fans are not waiting for proof.

Laura Freeman: I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing today without CBD. It’s changed my life!

Dr. John Torres (Reporting): A phenomenon growing faster than the science.

Kate Snow (Anchor): Doctor John is with us. Are there any dangers in taking this stuff?

Dr. John Torres (Reporting): Kate, CBD can interfere with other drugs you’re taking causing possible dangerous interaction with some like blood thinners and making other medicines less effective like some types of birth control. So check in with your doctor or pharmacist to prevent these interactions, extremely important.

Kate Snow: And how do you know what you’re taking?

Dr. John Torres (Reporting): For the most part, you really don’t because there’ve been reports of fake CBD oil being sold online and in stores. So, your best bet is to ask the seller for the certificate from the lab that tested that CBD oil for purity.

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People are Veering to CBD Oil as Additional Aid s

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