Do Pets Get Pot? –

Do Pets Get Pot? –

Pot Administered to Pets? – s
Reporter (Girl: You may have heard about people using pot to treat their ailments, but what about animals?

Reporter (Boy). Some people believe there is a new pot-infused product that can help pets with various ailments. However, this new method comes with controversy. Kristi Siefkin has the story for us tonight. Kristi
Kristi Siefkin, Well it seems that the debate about marijuana’s use for pain relief has taken a new twist. The pet owners are the ones who are now using marijuana to treat their pets. Some veterinarians recommend CBD, a molecule made from marijuana but that doesn’t give you a high as THC. CBD advocates claim that CBD is a miracle drug.

Pet owners and vets are turning to marijuana to help their pets. They are giving their pets CBD, a compound found in hemp that does not cause a high.

Dr. Betsy Hershey – I think it’s anti-inflammatory. It helps with convulsions and nausea. It also reduces side effects of pain from cancer.

Kristi Siefkin She recommends CBD Oil instead. Marlon Bruckholtz gave CBD Oil to his 14-year-old pugs for chronic arthritis.

Marlon Bruckholtz – She started using CBD Oil, and she’s like 3-4 years younger.

Kristi Siefkin: CBD Unlimited, a Cave Creek-based company, makes a soft-chew version of CBD for dogs. It’s called PhytoBites. The product is selling fast, according to Todd Davis, CEO.

Todd Davis: We have been able to reduce anxiety in dogs. Calm them down, and you’ll see that their pain and inflammation go away. You also see their mobility return.

Kristin Siefkin – Although research on CBD in dogs is scarce, both Dr. Hershey and Davis believe that there is enough evidence to convince pet owners to try it.

Dog owner (boy): CBD for dogs would be fantastic since many Shepherds and Labradors suffer from hip dysplasia. That would be a huge help.

Dog Owner (Girl: I don’t object to anyone using it. It is not something I would use myself. We don’t smoke marijuana, so we wouldn’t give it to our dogs.

Kristin Siefkin – Dr. Hershey states that CBD can be used to treat a wide range of animals. It can be used for cats just as dogs. They are, however, more picky about the taste. You may have to place the medicine on their paws to encourage them to lick it off of their feet. We are told that the chewable version will be available in more 80 shops in 2017..

People are Veering to CBD Oil as Additional Aid s

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