CBD (Cannabidiol), very effective in Migraines

CBD (Cannabidiol), very effective in Migraines
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. The reason for migraines is still unknown.

They may be caused by abnormal brain activity. This can alter the brain’s ability to communicate with the nerves and the chemicals and blood vessels. People may be more sensitive to triggers that can lead to migraines due to their genetics.

The following triggers could cause migraines:
Hormonal changes can cause migraines in women who are experiencing menstruation.
Emotional triggers can cause migraines.

Migraines can be caused by physical factors, such as fatigue, insufficient sleep, tension in the shoulders or neck, poor posture and overexertion. Triggers include low blood sugar or jet lag.

Triggers in your diet: Caffeine and alcohol can trigger migraines. This effect can also be caused by certain foods, such as chocolate, cheese, citrus fruits and foods containing the additive Tyramine. Potential triggers include irregular meal times, dehydration, and irregular meal times.
Possible Triggers: These include sleeping pills, hormone replacement therapy medications (HRT), and the combined contraceptive pill.

Triggers in your environment: Flashing screens, strong smells and second-hand smoke can all trigger migraines. Triggers that can be triggered by temperature changes, bright light, or stuffy rooms are also possible.

A migraine can present as a headache before, during, or after a headache. While migraines can be different for everyone, the most common symptoms are:
Moderate to severe pain that is usually limited to one side or the entire head. However, it can also occur on both sides of the head.

Other symptoms include sweating, temperature fluctuations, stomach pain, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

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