How does the Endocannabinoid System reduce cancer using Added CBD Oil? –

How does the Endocannabinoid System reduce cancer using Added CBD Oil? –
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How Does the Endocannabinoid System Reduce Cancer Using Added CBD Oil?
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When researchers discovered receptors in the brain and body that bind to cannabinoids, intriguing answers began to appear in the early 1990s. When the right key binds with the appropriate receptor, it unlocks the door and sends messages. Sometimes, the message may be that the body feels pain. Sometimes the message could be that the body is feeling pain.

Scientists discovered two receptors for cannabinoid receptors. One is called CB1 Receptors and is mainly found in the brain, while the other CB2 Receptors are found mainly within cells of the immune system.

CB1 Receptors can be found in abundance in the brain, but they are also found throughout the body, in major organs like the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and heart. CB2 Receptors are able to act as a target for cannabinoid. Once they bind with the Receptor, they can tell the cancer cells to die.

This basically tells the cells to kill themselves. This is the mechanism that cannabinoids use to kill cancer cells.It acts as an anti-cancer agent.

His researchers and Dr. Nagarkot II were able to eliminate almost 100% the cancer in test tubes. They were skeptical that they would be able to see the same results with tumors in mice.

Surprised, we discovered that nearly 25 to 30% of the mice rejected tumors that had been completely cured. We also found that the tumors were smaller in the remaining mice.

Doctor Nagarkot II clinical trials have shown promising results for leukemia patients.

People are Veering to CBD Oil as Additional Aid s

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