Is Delta 8 THC detected in a drug test?

Is Delta 8 THC detected in a drug test?

This video explains whether Delta 8 THC shows up in a drug test. Consumers are becoming more curious about other cannabinoids than the well-known delta-9 THC, as CBD continues to spread around the globe. Delta-8 THC is the new entrant. It has effects similar to delta-9 but tends to give a more controlled, subdued experience.


The 2018 Bill, which allows hemp-derived products to be sold in all 50 U.S. States, is responsible for Delta-8’s popularity. The delta-8 THC preparations can also be made from hemp and can contain less than.3%. This makes them a hemp product that is easily sold and distributed in a similar way to CBD products. However, some states may have other delta-8 laws.

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If you smoke delta-8 THC, will you fail drug tests?

The answer is probably yes. We said that drug tests aren’t very precise and there is a lot of room for error. Simply put, there are very good chances that delta-8 THC will show up in any generic drug test.

THC will be detected even more often if you take an at-home test. At-home testing is often the least sophisticated of all drug tests. These tests can’t distinguish between cannabinoids and will therefore pop up positive for CBD.

The cannabinoids are metabolized into the same THC metabolites within your body, regardless of whether you’re using delta-9 THC from cannabis or delta-8 THC hemp. This means that any amount of THC can make you fail a drug test.

The legal limit is 0. 03% Delta-9 THC is found in CBD and hemp-derived products. However, you can take more than the daily recommended intake. This means that 0.3% THC could build up in your body. It is possible that your delta-8 use could be detected on a drug test depending on how often it is consumed.

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