New York Cannabis Legalization

New York Cannabis Legalization
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Elliot Y. Choi joins us to discuss New York’s marijuana initiatives. New York’s Governor. Cuomo said recently, “I support legalization marijuana passage.” It’s something I have worked hard for. Past adult-use initiatives failed to materialize. However, many activists believe 2020 could become the year of legalization in New York.

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13: 15 – Cannabis Legalization in New York
20: 25 Does New York have a program for medical marijuana?
23: 30 New York Cannabis licenses
24: 15 New York Cannabis taxes
28: 20 Social equity in New York
32: 10 – What is the Safer New York Act?
34: 10 – What happens to the legacy market in New York?
38: 45 Selling your cannabis business to social equity applicants
38: 50 License caps in New York
40: 00 – What cannabis initiatives are most likely to win in New York?
42: 50 How much are New York’s licenses?
46: 00 – Does New York have to worry about monopolization?
47: 00 – What’s the cannabis culture like in New York?
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