A Dropper a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – CBDOilStudy.org/Free-Samples

A Dropper a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – CBDOilStudy.org/Free-Samples

A Dropper a Day Keeps the Doctor Away – s

John: Can a dropper of CBD a day keep your doctor away? This is CBD. CBD is a compound found in cannabis and hemp. This is a growing business and will only get bigger as hemp is no longer considered a Schedule 1 drug.

Many people want to know if hemp’s benefits are as great as they seem. WECT’s Ben Smart looks at powerful stories from an Air Force Veteran as well as a businessman. He also reviewed the research. Now, Ben, CBD has been approved for treating seizures. But what about these other benefits?

Ben Smart: John, scientific research is slowly catching up to the hype about certain medical conditions. There are notable success stories of people who claim that CBD from hemp has helped them where other medications have failed.

Kristin Thomas: I joined the Air Force as 18..

Ben Smart: Kristin Thomas is an Air Force Veteran. Kristin joined the military straight after graduating high school. However, her career as an aerospace physician was halted by severe migraines that left her disabled.

Kristin Thomas: The symptoms were becoming more frequent, and I was unable continue to do my job reliably. After 10years, I was medically dismissed. It was very difficult for me, it was heartbreaking.

Ben Smart: Ben Smart’s health struggles continued, as her migraines were joined with night terrors and nausea, depression, anxiety, and even depression.

Kristin Thomas: I’ve tried many 15 medicines. I’ve seen more 10 specialists and doctors.

Ben Smart: This past Thanksgiving, Ben’s nausea caused her to cancel her plans with a friend. She was then forced to try CBD Oil.

CBD is Cannabidiol. It’s a chemical compound that can be found in industrial hemp plants. It doesn’t contain THC, like marijuana. The user doesn’t feel any kind of high.

Kristin Thomas: Kristin comes with her little glass and says, “Open your mouth. She puts a drop full of this stuff in your mouth.” She then says, “Lift your tongue. Stick it under your tongue.

Ben Smart: In just five minutes, her nausea disappeared.

Kristin Thomas: I felt no nausea. I felt just like myself again after a week of using it. It was like I could smile and have a good time with others. I didn’t feel the need to lie down.

Ben Smart: Dr. James Taylor, an anesthesiologist who treats more than one ,000 patient with CBD, also has high praise for CBD.

Dr. James Taylor: I am very excited about the future and how it will impact medicine.

Ben Smart: Last year, Dr. Taylor studied CBD in conjunction with one hundred patients.

Dr. James Taylor: Three things rose to the surface. Number one was sleep. Patients slept better. We also noticed a decrease of anxiety. We also noticed a decrease in anxiety. It was a little more difficult for doctors to put a number on a scale of 0 -10.. Are you hopeful? We discovered that the patients were experiencing a mild antidepressant effect. This is how we arrived at the current effect.

Ben Smart: CBD medical research is still in its early stages. The reason that the drug enforcement agency issued restrictions on clinical research 2015. is one reason. An 2015 scientific review of 49 studies showed that CBD could be used to treat multiple anxiety disorders. However, more long-term studies are required. Other studies have shown potential for treating PTSD and Social Anxiety.

Chris Livingston: God, alcoholics anonymous, and my family are my main components in my life. I see CBD Oil as those.

Ben Smart: 48 Chris Livingston swears to CBD Oil as a treatment for his anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Chris Livingston: I am so grateful for CBD. It has changed my entire life.

Ben Smart: Livingston emphasizes that he is 7 years sober, and is cautious about taking any kind of medication. He passes the test with CBD.

Chris Livingston: I took it in approximately 5 -10minutes later and we were looking in each others eyes when I said it was gone. She said what, and I replied that it’s gone. I feel completely normal. It’s a peaceful feeling, a calmness.

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People are Veering to CBD Oil as Additional Aid s

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