How hemp can save the planet!

How hemp can save the planet!

Hemp used to be a major cash crop in Eastern United States, until 1937 when the Schedule 1 controlled substance was made illegal. Hemp has been illegal to cultivate and sell since then. President Trump signed the 2018 Bill almost one year ago. This legalized hemp by taking it out of the Controlled Substances Act. The U.S. Secretary for Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced last month a program which would allow farmers to grow hemp in federally approved plots and give hemp producers access to several agricultural programs. This is significant news for the hemp industry.

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Textile manufacturing byproducts, as well as plastic microparticles, are causing more pollution to our water, land, and air than ever before. Hemp might be the solution to our problems, given its popularity as a cash crop and its ability to be integrated into regenerative farming practices.

The EPA estimates that more than 260 millions of tons of waste are produced every year. Most of this waste ends in landfills, and the majority of it is not biodegradable. In addition to its application in farming systems shown in our Industrial Hemp Trial, hemp products can be used as environmentally-friendly alternatives for everyday items that end up in the trash. These 15: are examples.

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