Senate Democrats call for legalization of marijuana nationwide

Senate Democrats call for legalization of marijuana nationwide
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. Leafly reports that the cannabis industry has created approximately 70,000 job opportunities in 2020,. This is more than the number of jobs created last year. Senator Democrats are pushing for legalization of marijuana in the U.S. Frank Holland joins ShepSmith to report. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO:

Two Democratic senators, Chuck Schumer (Senate Majority Leader), and two others stated Monday that they would push for the passage of sweeping legislation this year that would repeal federal prohibitions on marijuana. Many states have legalized marijuana to some extent.

The senators stated in a joint statement that the reform would also provide so-called restorative Justice for those who have been convicted of marijuana-related crimes.

Schumer (New York) and Sens. Cory Booker (New Jersey) and Ron Wyden (Oregon).

They stated that ending federal marijuana prohibition was necessary to end the decades-long damage inflicted upon communities of color throughout the country.

“But that is not enough. We must ensure that states legalize marijuana and provide support for those who were wrongly targeted by the War on Drugs .
Senators stated that they would release “a unified debate draft on comprehensive reform” in the early part of the year, and that the Senate will prioritize passing the legislation.

The trio stated that the legislation would not only end the federal pot ban but also ensure restorative justice. It would “protect public safety and implement responsible taxes .”

Schumer was a sponsor of marijuana decriminalization legislation many years ago.

This statement comes at a time when public support for legalizing marijuana is growing. In November, a Gallup poll showed that 68% Americans favored legalizing marijuana, which is a record.

All initiatives that included the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana were passed in 2020.

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