Are You Using Certified CBD Oil? –

Are You Using Certified CBD Oil? –
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Are You Taking Certified CBD Oil? – s
Person 1: “This will reduce your inflammation and arthritic pain, as well your anxiety and stress. “

Reporter 1: It is marketed as a miracle cure oil.

Person 2: “Like, I’ve been using CBD for a while now and it’s quite good. “

Reporter 1: What are you really getting by purchasing CBD? Fox 11 will cover CBD purchases at various locations in Los Angeles. To have it professionally tested, we teamed up with Dr. Oz with amazing results.

Dr. Oz: We’ll be able to prove that there is no microbial contamination.

Dr. Pedram Salampour: It’s just a wild wild west.

Reporter 2: This investigation will be eye-opening because it’s going to give us a glimpse at an industry that isn’t regulated. Fox Fox LA is a partner of mine and I am excited to reveal the truth about what you might be getting from purchasing CBD Products.

Reporter 1: CBD, or Cannabidiol, is one of the most important components of the hemp plants. CBD is not like marijuana. It has very little THC. THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis that makes you feel high. CBD is touted as having all the health benefits of medical marijuana, without the side effects. It can treat pain, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, cancer, and heart disease. Although sales have exploded, there is not much government regulation that can protect consumers from the unknown.

Reporter 2: When we buy something, we expect to receive what we pay for.

Reporter 1: Dr. Oz joined forces with Fox 11 to purchase several CBD products in New Jersey for testing. Our Fox 11 cover photographer, and I, went to various locations in our viewing area. We stopped by many CBD shops as we tried to play the role of buyers. Each store advertised significant health benefits.

Team: I’ll try it, and you’ll see the pieces.

Reporter 1: We bought a variety of CBD-infused goods, ranging from edibles to liquids and creams.

Team: Ok, so we went to many different places and got a bunch of different CBD products right there. All of the CBD products we purchased today are mine. I will take them all to the lab to be tested.

Reporter 1: We arrived at Nascient, an elite cannabis testing laboratory after a short drive up to Chatsworth. The lab starts processing the CBD Products that we have purchased from Dr. Oz. The results were available in 24 hours.

Dr. Pedram Salampour: This one failed to be safe for the gummy bears. It failed this time and it failed this one.

Reporter 1: Dr. Pedram Salimpour, a pediatrician in Nascient, and Dr. Leah Shaffer, the COO reviewed all testing results using Fox 11.. Five of the five samples tested for CBD Levels had a rating ND, meaning that no CBD was detected despite the claims on the labels.

Dr. Oz: You can tell if a person is trying to use it medicinally that it’s snake oil.

Reporter 1: Only 1 of the samples was able to deliver what they claimed. 2 other products were very close. 5 products didn’t have CBD detected. 4 products had less CBD while 1 product had more. Some of the products were also very dangerous for your health, such as this CBD lemonade shot that we purchased in Hollywood. It did not contain CBD, but the test result showed that it had an abnormally high level Ethanol. The Dr. Oz team also purchased CBD gummy bears that tested positive for high levels Ethanol. The most surprising results came from CBD Gel Caps that were brought in by a customer. Not only did they contain CBD, but they were also positive for E. Coli strains that produce the deadly Shiga Toxin bacteria.

Dr. Oz: The consumer is not receiving any medicinal benefits from it. They are actually injecting a toxin into the system.


People are Veering to CBD Oil as Additional Aid s

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